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Boca Tapada & Boca San Carlos

Boca Tapada & Boca San Carlos Hotels and Tou

Here’s an off-the-beaten-track destination for adventurous souls. Enjoy a unique destination in Costa Rica, after passing through pineapple and tuber plantations discover a place full of nature and peace, with an almost intact ecosystem. Full of nature and surrounded by protected areas, with stunning  views of …

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

San Jose City Tour Costa Rica

Pre-Columbian Gold Museum Is a museum in San José, Costa Rica. The museum has a substantial collection of over 1600 artifacts of Pre-Columbian gold dating back to AD 500  The collection includes Costa Rica’s first coin, the Media Escudo which was minted in 1825, animal (notably frog) figurines, amulets, earrings, …

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