The Biggest Waterfall in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Biggest Waterfall

El Salto del Calvo Waterfall, Guanacaste Costa Rica.

El Salto del Calvo” (The bald man’s jump) is the highest waterfall in Central America, and yet, not many have heard about it, it is one of many well-kept secrets about Costa Rica.

Located in San Isidro de Hojancha in Guanacaste area,  an area of the province that not many tourists venture to even though it is not far from Liberia, around a 2 hour drive.

The waterfall is located within the biological corridor Hojancha – Nandayure, you have to walk about 40 minutes on trails to reach this great attraction

Once you get to the river a refreshing pool around 5m deep (16 feet) “Poza Azul” allows visitors to enjoy the beautiful and untouched nature, following the path there’s another smaller pool “Poza Divertida” (Fun Pool), which is shaped as a water-slide, thus its name, the favorite for the younger members of the family and those young at spirit.

Two waterfalls separated by 175 meters (575 feet) can be appreciated, the main one El Salto del Calvo is 350 meters high (1149 feet), (measurement was done in 2004 by a topographer), the second one is 300 meters high (985 feet) (no vertical drop). From the bottom, you can hardly see the highest point, but you do feel immersed in nature, the peace that surrounds you is worth the long walk.

While El Salto del Calvo in Costa Rica is the highest waterfall in Central America, El Salto del Angel (Angel’s Jump) in Venezuela is the highest waterfall in the world with 979 meters (3212 feet

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