Costa Rica Orchids

Costa Rica Orchids

Orquids are Costa Rica’s national flower. March is the month in wich you can find out more of them.

The Orchidaceae family is the plant kingdom, with about 800 genera and 28,000 species distributed in every continent.

Costa Rica native orchids

In Costa Rica grow about 1400 species of orchids, 20% of which are endemic (live nowhere else on the planet). The groups with the most species are Epidendrum , Maxillaria and related genera of small plants as Lepanthes , Pleurothallis and Stelis . The country is also world renowned for being home to the “Guaria de Turrialba” ( Cattleya dowiana ), one of the plants with the most beautiful in the world and the “Guaria Morada” flowers ( Guarianthe skinneri ), the national flower of Costa Delicious

Costa Rica exotic orchids

plants that have adapted very well to the cool, wet weather in the eastern part of the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Most specimens are native to South America and Southeast Asia.

Costa Rica orchids thumbnails

Small size plants are common in the orchid family.

Costa Rica Orchids | Costa Rica Orchid Garden

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