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100 % Aventura Zip Line Canopy tour Monteverde

We are a 100% Costa Rican family owned Adventure park, dedicated to the tourism adventure for over 10 years. We specialize in canopy tour, which we have added some other adventures that will make your adrenaline go up to 100%, such as hammock bridges, rappelling cables, cable Superman and our main attraction, the MEGATARZAN SWING.

Our tour begins welcoming you in our installations, where our receptionists will help you to fill in the papers and documents needed to do this type of activities. After that we go to locker room where our guides will proceed to put you the security equipment you need for this adventure, later you will receive a short talk with the instructions and security rules that you will have to know so you can continue with the tour and so you don’t make any mistakes during the tour. Once all of your questions are answered, we can begin this exiting adventure.

After going up in a long metal staircase we will arrive to the first platform, there the guides will go over the security instructions again with every person, they will also check that the equipment is safely place and they will also tell you everything about this zip line. Everything is ready; we can now zip through our first zip line. Continually we will go to another one, this first two are not so long and their height is medium, so that you can get familiar with this activity. Then you will go to a small hanging bridge made of wood that swings a little and then you have four more zip lines, these have different distances and elevations. After this you get to the rappel part, where you will have the opportunity to descend vertically 15 meters, for this activity you will also be instructed by our guides.

The total tour has 12 cables and 16 platforms. We continue to fly through the top of the trees by zipping through three more zip lines, which takes us to the “Tarzan Swing”, one of the most exiting parts of the tour, at this point we will go up to a platform ( more like a hanging bridge) where our guides will properly attach an elastic rope to your equipment. From there you will jump, 148 ft, free falling, down to the emptiness and bounce back up. In this activity you will receive help from four professional guides; two of them will be helping you jump from the superior platform and the other two will stay in the inferior one receiving you. In this part tour, you can take pictures and rest while the group is done. Once we’re done with this exploit we will take a short walk of 300 meters, which takes us to a new section of the property with two more zip lines. One of them is 400 meters long and the other one is 700 meters, in this last one you will have the opportunity to do other of the other most adventurous activity in our tour: “el superman.” This last segment of our tour is famous for having the most high and long zip lines, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and the beautiful nature. So from here we return to our 100% Aventura installations, where our guides will help you take the equipment off, and where we will thank you so much for your visit.

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100% Aventura Canopy | Monteverde Zip Line Canopy | Santa Elena Zip Line Canopy | 100% Aventura Canopy 


  • Transportation
  • Bilingual guide

    • 8 am
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    • The Longest Zip Line of Latin America
    • Hammock bridges
    • rappelling cables,
    • Cable Superman 
    • Our main attraction, the MEGATARZAN SWING.

    • Transportation
    • Bilingual guide

    • Long Pants
    • Mosquito Repellent

    • 2 hours

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