Titoku Hot Springs

Titoku Hot Springs offers 8 different hot springs. Every pool has a different temperature and a different size (from 6 to 20 people depending on the pool). Titokú features reception area, waiting room, bar (for up to 30 people), meeting room (for up to 50 people), bathrooms (also for disabled), dressing rooms and lockers for your convenience.

The entrance and meal options are available at each of the 4 time slots and guests can choose from a menu that includes salads, fish, grilled meats, hamburgers and more options.

Temperatures ranging from 34ºC to 66ºC (93ºF to 152 ºF).

Hot Springs Pools (8)
Restaurants (1)
Bars (1)
Spa (1)
Lockers ( $15 Deposit)
Towels ($15 deposit)


Entrance Fee     
Adult $32.00
Children $16.00

Entrance Fee  with lunch or dinner    
Adult $50.00
Children $25.00

Titoku Hot Springs has 4  sessions per day:
  • From  10 am to  1 pm
  • From  1 pm to    3 pm
  • From  3 pm to   5 pm
  • From  5 pm to   8 pm

  • No food, drinks or pets are allowed.
  • Children under 4  years old do not pay
  • Rates for children from 4 to 11 years old
  • Special rates for groups

Titoku Hot Springs La Fortuna Arenal Volcano | Hot Springs near Arenal Volcano | Costa Rica

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Trip Facts

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