Treetop Walkways Suspension Bridges

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Treetop Walkways Suspension Bridges

Treetop Walkways Suspension BridgesThere are many bridges systems in theworld, few of them are hanging bridges, and fewer still are those that are located inside the real cloud forest. Selvatura Park ́s treetop walkways provide the best way to safely admire the cloud forest canopy.The treetop walkways tour consists of 1.9 miles of trails in which our visitors will encounter eight bridges of various lengths which range between 170 feet and 560 feet. Each bridge features 5-

4 foot width and capacity of 80 people per bridge which make the treetop walkways at Selvatura Park not only the longest bridge system in Costa Rica but also the safest and strongest.Also,Selvatura Park’s treetop walkways are fully approved by the College of Architects and Engi-neers of Costa Rica, which ensures that they were constructed following only the best construc-tion standards and thus provide the best quality available.Come and admire these awesome structures which were built in San Jose, transported to Monte-verde and carried on shoulder by our workers to be assembled inside the cloud forest thus mini-mizing damage to the cloud forest as much as possible.The treetop walkways can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical conditions. Most of the trail is flat and climbs are very small.

The trail is a circuit so our visitors won’t get lost and may walk at their own rhythm. This year all our trials have been covered with special walking blocks which provide an enhanced traction for our walkers and provide a more uniform terrain to walk along the trails, which cross 90% though virgin forest.

Visitors may be able to appreciate a wide variety of flora and fauna from the area plus, they will be able to observe the biodiversity of the cloud forest canopy which is not found anywhere else in the world.The treetop walkways neighbor with the MonteverdeCloud Forest Reserve, the flora and fauna in both parks is very similar because they are part of the same forest with the difference that Selvatura Park is located on the Atlantic side of the forest and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Re-serve is on the pacific side. Visitors should wear comfortable footwear;rubber boots aren’t nec-essary since there is no mud on the trails. Also,we recommend wearing a light jacket, long or short pants, and optional binoculars and cameras. The treetop walkways provide the bestvintage point to observe the beauty of the cloud forest in all its levels.


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